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President Awarded "201...

On the morning of January 17, the award ceremony and forum ...

CI Chinese Directors Wo...

On the afternoon of December 11, the Confucius Institute Ch...

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On Chinese Verb-resultative Construction from the Perspecti...

Speaker: Prof. Song Wenhui.
Time: March, 4, 2016 P.M. 02:30.

On Similarity & Reducing Subspaces of the n-shift Plus Cert...

Speaker: Prof. Li Chengyu.
Time: March, 4, 2016 P.M. 02:30.

On the Relationship between Rituals & Music During Spring &...

Speaker:Associate Prof. .
Time: March, 3, 2016 P.M. 03:45.

On Belief, Quality and Entrepreneurship

Speaker:Dr. Huang Yili.
Time:March, 7, 2016 P.M. 2:30.
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